Registrations are on a first come, first serve basis. Scrappers planning to be roommates( if applicable), and wanting to sit together, need to register at the same time. Please indicate at time of registration roommate requests (if applicable) and requests for sitting with friends. All attempts will be made by Sassy Crops to accommodate seating arrangements. When your deposit is made, you are agreeing to our registration policies below.

Note: Gift Certificates are available! E-mails/letters may be sent to friends and family upon request that Sassy Crops is on your Christmas Wish/Mother's Day/Special Occasion List. Multiple Gift Certificates may be combined for a Sassy Crops payment. 

Make-and-takes: There will be a variety of make-and-takes available throughout the weekend/day. These will vary in price from Free to $5. Participation is optional of course. Make-and-takes may be added to the Crop Tab during the crop.

Specialty Classes:

Classes are to be paid for separately and by the designated date. If class spaces, and supplies, are available the designated date, classes may still be registered for on a first come first serve basis. 

Crop Tabs:

During Crop weekend, Crop Tabs may be established. Items from the Crop Store, Any Product orders and Make and takes may be placed on crop tabs. Crop Tabs must be paid in full at check-out from crop.

Refund Policy: May be specific to individual crop.

Day Crops: There are no refunds available for the Day Crops. If you find that you are unable to attend you will still receive your exclusive gift, prize and favors that you would have received at the crop.

Weekend Crops:

Cancellation requests within 30 days of the event will not be granted as to the commitment to the Hotel.

Cancellation requests between 31 days and 90 days of the event must be submitted in writing to: Sassy Crops 130 Stuart Court Luray, Virginia 22835. Upon received request, and depending on the commitment to the hosting hotel, a refund may be given of all fees minus the $100/$60 deposit. * Please ask Sassy Crops about the specific hotel.

Cancellations request received 91 days or more before the event will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee.*

*Note: Refunds can only be given within the specified time frame above if the spot is sold to another cropper. Otherwise because of the commitment to the hotel, there are no refunds for cancellations available.

Refunds typically take between 2-4 weeks to process based on the hotels accessibility.

Crop Policies:

Opened drinks are not allowed in the crop space. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the crop room.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the crop room.

Only registered croppers are allowed in the crop room.

A Sassy Crop facilitator will remain in the crop room for the endurance of the crop. We will make every effort with security when you are not in the crop room, however we can not be responsible for items that are lost or stolen. 

Each cropper will have their own 6 foot table to crop at. The space under their table is theirs to use as well. Additional space surrounding the participants table may be used however aisles may not be blocked.

Participants photographs may be taken by Sassy Crops for future promotional use. By registering for this event, you are consenting that these photos may be used by Sassy Crops for the manner in which they were taken.

Croppers are welcome to use Sassy Crops equipment, tools and inks but they do so with reasonable care and caution. By registering for this crop, you agree to hold Sassy Crops, its principals, employees harmless from any and all liability resulting from equipment usage.

A Cricut will be available for participants to use through the duration of the crop. Croppers need to bring their own mats or may purchase mats for $7.00 each. 

Hotel Amenities (when appliciable): Your registration provides for your hotel room and it's standard amenities. All personal charges beyond that are the responsibility of the participant.

Sassy Crops reserves the right to add to these policies should the need arise.